Commissioned by the Amsterdam Fashion Institute I've worked with 29 students on the actualization of GARMENT Magazine. 


I managed an ambassadors program. The images give an example of the online cover reveal we did. 


The ambassadors program helped GARMENT Magazine gain new followers on Instagram and more website clicks.



photo credits: Timothy Hoenson


The ambassadors program was part of a PR strategy of which I was in charge. 

An outcome of this is the publication of an interview with our editor in chief, Sophie Hendriks, on and the two articles in Het Parool.


Last but not least, I initiated the concept for an online editorial and guerrilla marketing campaign.

GARMENT Magazine invites readers to connect their fantasies to underwear. We left landmarks in Amsterdam and in our online editorials so readers can bridge the gap between our physical world, the internet and more exclusive brainfood for fantasies on the GARMENT Website. 

By using this method we could do a very niche, but target audience minded campaign to increase website traffic. 

photo credits: Florine Helmus