For the Instagram of Lil’ Amsterdam, PUP developed a new visual concept. After a brainstorm session with the art director of PUP; Thamar Luthart, we realized we need to go back to the core. Lil’ Amsterdam is a place where contemporary culture gets a chance to flourish at Amsterdam Central Station. Like-minded people can work, learn and connect here.

Contemporary culture is like an organism, ever changing and therefore, it’s important to be captured. Showcasing the many forms it can look like, captured forever on-line became the new base for the concept. In the execution we collaborated with VICE photographer Raymond van Mil, who creates cohesion in the look and feel.

The visual concept brought a sense of entertainment and awareness. We launched it at ADE2018, which gave us the opportunity to communicate news without losing relevance as a platform. The main graphic communication tool we used was the grid that's also integrated in the physical branding in Lil' Amsterdam.


photo credits: Tim Buiting