Commissioned by the University of the Arts Utrecht, there was a collaboration between four students. The goal was to collect money for the Serious Request fundraiser of 2018 (a Dutch annual event for Christmas organised by the radio station 3FM).


My team and I aimed to create a look and feel that would show students in a vulnerable way. I’ve learned how to run a production & art direction role in a project, in a short amount of time.

Our product, a calendar, sold very well. It showed that commerce can be used for a good cause. 

aesthetic 2.png

photo credits: Lisa Kruiver


Actual sheer fun.

A seminar at the University of the Arts Utrecht gave my team and me the chance to create these GIF's. Luckily enough a friend of mine - and now muse - had time to model. We decided to create a story of an alternative side of her, where heritage and small personal details were amplified.

tisha 1.gif